5 Great Ways to Use Body Balm

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? We are excited about this season, and hope that Zambeezi’s mission has encouraged you to be excited along with us about showing love and compassion through fair trade and sustainability this February!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, today I’m going to highlight five ways to use our romantic Wild Rose body balm this season, but really these tips apply for all of our body balms!


1. As a Valentine’s Day gift

Did it really need to be said? Of course body balm makes a great Valentine’s Day gift! It’s sweet, practical, and a great choice for ethical body care products. 

Wild Rose body balm could be the perfect small gift to show someone you care, and is a gift that will remind them of you every time they smell the sweet rose scent.

Body balm in heart drawn in snow

If you’re planning ahead, or need some early inspiration, take a look at this article for great Fair Trade (Christmas) gift ideas


2. As a Much-Needed Hydrator

February, as much as many of us are loath to say, is still Winter – and thus is still snowy and bitterly cold in many areas! Whether your February is warm and sunny, or gray and icy, Body Balm helps to hydrate your skin and defend against dryness. Use it from your head to your toes (because from your face to your feet didn’t sound as nice) to prevent dry and cracking skin. 

Beeswax and Body Balm

For more on ways that Zambeezi meets hydration needs, check out our Honeybalm lip balm in this article to learn more!


3. As Pet Care!

Not many people know this, but the beeswax and essential oils in our body balm are great for keeping your pets’ paws itch-free in dry weather! Though we don’t recommend sharing your same personal tube with your furry friend, sharing soothing body balm keeps their paws moisturized and prevents itching during cold winter months. 

Dog sniffing Wild Rose Body Balm 


4. As a Soothing Restorative

We all get nicks and scrapes throughout the course of our daily lives, paper cuts, razor nicks, and small surface wounds. Body balm is wonderful to apply before a bandaid for extra protection, and if you’re in a pinch it works very well to protect a small cut or scrape until it can be covered more fully. Body balm traps moisture, protecting from oils and substances that can sting or irritate, and the beeswax works well to soothe and repair daily damage.

4 Scents of Body Balm on wooden table

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5. …As Lip Balm!

Believe it or not, the ingredients of our Body Balm are actually quite similar to the ingredients you already know and love in our lip balms! Because Body Balm comes in a bigger tube, it is more useful for different areas of your body that need care, like dry hands or knees, but we can’t neglect the simple fact that it is still perfectly suited to meet all lip balm needs as well! This February, Body Balm may be just what you need to keep your lips from being chapped while caring for the rest of your body, too.

Girl holding Wild Rose Lip balm and Body Balm

If you want to see more about our ingredients, check out this article, which explains each one!

Do we have you convinced? Keep an eye out for sales coming soon, and let us know if you have any amazing tips for how you use your Zambeezi products!

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