Looking for Impactful Gifts? Five Incredible, Organic, Fair Trade Ideas for Your Christmas Shopping

Still haven't finished all your shopping this season? On a seemingly endless hunt for that one gift? Or, maybe, like me, you haven't even really started? I mean, we still have time, right?!

Regardless of your current dilemma, we know how hard it can be to find gifts that have purpose, intent and a mission behind them. If we are going to spend our money, we want to invest in things that bless in more ways than one. We put together a short, nowhere-near-exhaustive, list of 5 companies and non-profits you will love supporting this Christmas. From the artisans, to their communities, to our communities, to the land we cultivate and live on, these brands are making an impact.

 /// ONE /// 

Zambian Soap Co.

Who doesn't want to smell good, look good and love well?! Nobody. Everyone loves a good bar of soap. Crafted by hand in the markets of Kitwe, Zambia, these bars lather-up perfectly and are wonderfully exfoliating. Plus, who won't get excited about the passion driving this product:

We're part of a new generation of African businesses, giving pride and dignity to the most vulnerable communities in Africa. We're putting AIDS and poverty behind as we strive to see our community standing on its own feet. Through hard work and unshakeable faith, our dream is becoming a reality.

 /// TWO /// 

Ten Thousand Villages

We get to partner with Ten Thousand Villages and it is such a privilege (you can find Zambeezi in most of their stores around the country!). The beginning of the Fair Trade Movement can be traced right back to their doorstep. We could say so much about them, but we will let them speak for themselves:

Shop with intention & share in the joy. Give ethically sourced gifts crafted by hand. As pioneers of fair trade, we do business differently, putting people and planet first since 1946. Join the global maker-to-market movement — connecting you with ten thousand villages around the world.

 /// THREE /// 

Mercy House Global & Fair Trade Friday

How about a gift that just keeps giving this Christmas? Our friends over at Mercy House and Fair Trade Friday craft beautiful boxes that can arrive at your doorstep every month with products that are impacting women and communities around the world. Plus they put out a gift catalog this year, too! Guess who they included? Zambeezi! Check out their beautiful tag line:

Rescue A Girl. Empower A Family. Redeem A Generation.


 /// FOUR /// 

Heifer International

Why not change things up this year?! Instead of giving a gift to them, give for them. At Heifer, they are working with communities to end world hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. Give something that will empower women, provide a necessity, feed a family, support sustainable farming. 

The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World. Choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one and help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant.


 /// FIVE /// 


 Everyone has a bag lover in their life! Our friends over at elevate are crafting gorgeous, unique bags from ethically sourced from beautiful leather. You need to check them out.

Elevate is a non-profit that believes in creating sustainable job solutions globally that improve lives and transform communities. Every purchase helps create sustainable job solutions for those in need around the world.


Oh, and don't forget about...Zambeezi! 😉 Stuff those stockings full this Christmas with delightfully nourishing lip balm.

Well, that's a wrap....haha! We had to throw one pun in the mix.

There are so many incredible companies and brands we don't have time to mention, but this should give you a start. Now it's your turn! What amazing brands do you love that are impacting lives and the land? Share in the comments so we can check them out!

Happy giving and merry Christmas, friends!

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