"Honey, it's for your lips": Our one-of-a-kind Honeybalm™ hydrates dry lips like no other balm


"Zambeezi Organic Beeswax Lip Balm recently launched a new flavor, the Honeybalm™. Through honey’s humectant qualities, the balm naturally absorbs moisture to keep lips hydrated, soft, and soothed. Honey and beeswax typically resist each other like oil and water. After years of tests and experiments, they discovered a way to integrate these two incredible skincare ingredients. Zambeezi partners with the North-Western Beekeeper’s Association in Zambia, a network of over 1000 beekeepers, to source high quality ingredients and to create more opportunities in the communities with which they work." 

Celebrating Innovation in Fair Trade!, Fair Trade Federation

How do we actually hydrate lips? When we set out to create our Honeybalm™, this was the mission. We wanted to craft a balm that would not simply protect your lips from losing moisture, but would help them regain it!  Who doesn't want softer lips?

Beeswax protects.

You see, your typical organic lip balm (including our Lemongrass, Tangerine and Suncare) use beeswax or something similar as the primary ingredient. The buttery smoothness of our lip balms is built on this foundation. Beeswax is incredible at protecting your lips from the harsh environment they are constantly coming in contact with. Think about a waxed canvas tote, satchel or jacket. The wax creates a barrier that forces liquid to bead up and roll right off. The same occurs when you apply beeswax to your lips. 

Not only does the wax act as a repellent, but it also creates a barrier to keep moisture in. The dry air around you (especially if you live in areas like we do in Colorado) grasps for any moisture it can. It's after equilibrium and will ruthlessly seek out moisture everywhere it can be found. Beeswax lip balm insulates your lips from this moisture stealing attack and helps you keep them nice and soft. 

But...beeswax does not hydrate.

If you are anything like me, you often wait too long put on your lip balm. The scratchiness of dry cracking skin alerts me to the painful state of my lips. With emergency sirens going off in my head, I frantically search for the nearest tube of Zambeezi to lather them up!

Honeybalm - One-of-a-kind, Organic, Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced Lip softening, hydrating Balm - The best ethical chapstick

Enter, Honeybalm™!

A humectant, honey naturally absorbs moisture from the environment around it. The solution is easy, right? We just need to integrate honey into our lip balm. Well, it's not so simple after all.

Honey is water based and beeswax is oil based. Have you ever tried to mix oil and water?!

Well after years of research and testing, we discovered a way and Honeybalm™ was born. With honey as the leading ingredient, we can honestly say it will hydrate your lips. Combined with beeswax to protect your lips and an assortment of essential oils, it's like no other lip balm on the market today. 

Plus, it's so tasty you might just want to eat it! Try yours today!

PS: A massive thanks goes out to our friend Shanté, founder and curator of Herstyleoftea.com. She provided us with the incredible photo we used at the top. You should definitely go check out her incredible review of Zambeezi!

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