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Smell Good. Look Good. Love Well.

Crafted by people, for people, our all natural soap and lip balm begin with the best ingredients, ethically cultivated in the hands of people.

Organic, Fair Trade Lemongrass Lip balm single tube ethically sourced best

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

"This is the best lip balm ever! It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel waxy. The subtle lemongrass aroma is refreshing. I also like the container - doesn’t roll off a table and you can see how much is left."

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Fair Trade Federation Member - Organic Lip Balm featured on the blog

Meet Vincent - The Business of Zambian Beekeeping

Best Zambeezi organic, Fair Trade lip balm - beeswax and honey to hydrate lips

Organic Lip Balm

Four organic, Fair Trade skin-nourishing lip balms helping to regenerate communities and ecosystems: gingery Lemongrass, tangy Tangerine, naturally-protecting Suncare and moisturizing Honeybalm.

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"Honey, it's for your lips"

How do we actually hydrate lips? When we set out to create our Honeybalm, this was our mission. We wanted to craft a balm that would not simply protect your lips from losing moisture, but would help them regain it!  Who doesn't want softer lips?

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All Natural Soap

Thoughtfully crafted, each bar invites you to reimagine your daily routine.

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Why Zambia, Africa?

Deep in the Miombo forest in Northwest Zambia you find an environment wild and pure enough to produce organic beeswax.

Together we are cultivating the communities and ecosystems in this region by creating economic alternatives to the destructive logging and mining.

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Our Impact. Your Impact

We exist to enable communities to thrive by identifying and developing unrealized human potential to free people to pursue their vision of a better world. 

Together, we are making a difference.