Zambeezi Organic, Fair Trade Lip Balm - best Beeswax and Honey chapstick to hydrate lips

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Body care crafted and cultivated by people, for people.

Organic, Fair Trade Lemongrass Lip balm single tube ethically sourced best

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

"This is the best lip balm ever! It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel waxy. The subtle lemongrass aroma is refreshing. I also like the container - doesn’t roll off a table and you can see how much is left."

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Best Zambeezi organic, Fair Trade lip balm - beeswax and honey to hydrate lips

Thriving Lips & Lives

Four organic, Fair Trade skin-nourishing lip balms helping to regenerate communities and ecosystems: gingery Lemongrass, tangy Tangerine, naturally-protecting Suncare and moisturizing Honeybalm.

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Vincent Chianda & the Business of Beekeeping

Partnering with beekeepers, farmers and entrepreneurs in Zambia, Africa - ethically sourced, organic, Fair Trade beeswax and honey

Zambia, Africa

Deep in the Miombo forest in Northwest Zambia you find an environment wild and pure enough to produce organic beeswax. Together we are cultivating the communities and ecosystems in this region by creating economic alternatives to the destructive logging and mining.

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The best lip balm begins with the best ingredients and those ingredients are cultivated in the hands of people.

Because bees travel great distances in search of nectar and pollen, only a region with vast areas of wild land untouched by commercial farming, pesticides and harmful chemicals can be certified organic. This is why it’s important to use organic beeswax from a pristine environment.

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