Why Moms Love Zambeezi - Honoring the Mothers Who Foster the Fair Trade Movement

To celebrate Mother’s Day, this article is a spotlight on the amazing moms that are making a difference in the fair trade community and around the world through their support of #peoplethriving.

I’m so thankful for all the moms who contribute so much to the Zambeezi family, and also to the greater fair trade movement.

So, Why do moms love Zambeezi? Let’s let them speak for themselves.

“With a house full of kids comes many bumps and scrapes. Zambeezi is my go-to throughout the healing process. “Put Zambeezi on it” is something I find myself saying almost daily!”
- Jeranna, mom of 6

“As a mom my favorite Zambeezi product is definitely the body balms. We use it after bath time for our kids. I always hated putting lotion on my kids after bath time because my hands would get all oily from the lotion and then trying to brush their hair and get them dressed without getting everything oily was impossible. The body balms work ten times better than lotion and are way better for their skin (especially cause my middle one has super sensitive skin). The best part is it comes in a tube that you can just rub on them and you don’t have to get your hands messy making the whole process so much easier!”
- Karina, mom of 3

“I appreciate that I can give my kids a Zambeezi lip balm without worrying about the ingredients! I love that Zambeezi has sparked discussions with my kids about what it means for products/ingredients to be ethically sourced, and discussions about using our purchasing to support a company whose mission is important to us. On a practical note: I love that I can use it before going in to an event or a meeting and NOT have to reapply part way through!”
- Connie, mom of 4

“I have loved using Zambeezi products over the last few years. The natural ingredients it is all made with leave my skin looking fresh and feeling hydrated. As an expecting mother, the Tangerine lip balm has been my favorite product to use, as my lips get dry very easily and it is so refreshing to have Zambeezi at hand.”

- Sarita, expecting mother

"The soap is the biggest blessing for me postpartum. They are not overly smelly and I know that they are safe for baby and I."

- Annika, mom of 3

“As a boy mom of high school sports,  I spend long hours outdoors in the elements. Sun reflecting off bleachers guarantees a sunburn, so I use Zambeezi Suncare lip balm to safeguard my lips. It also works great on my nose and ears! 

With the ever-present wind where I live, I need a healing lip product, which will soothe dry lips. Wild Rose is my favorite,  but to be honest, I have liked every flavor. Honey lip balm is handy to soothe a minor scrape, cut, or bite when camping, hiking or working outside.

Zambeezi soap bars leave my skin clean and moisturized.  The pure ingredients ensure that I won't have cracked, itchy skin with use.  I have a favorite scent that I use for each season!

We use tea tree to wash scrapes and cuts, especially after yard work.”

- Stephanie, mom of 3


Thank you so much to all the moms who gave us input for this installment of the Zambeezi Journal, and to all the moms who foster the fair trade movement by supporting #peoplethriving! We couldn't do this without you. 

Happy Mother's Day!


P.S. If you're a little late and haven't gotten a Mother's Day gift yet... well, you can see for yourself that we've got something the mothers in your life will LOVE. 

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