The Journey of a Shipping Container (+ GIVEAWAY)

If you have tried to order lavender, lemongrass, or sweet basil soap over the last two months, you probably got an answer like this:

“We are not currently stocked on that product, but we can notify you when a new shipment comes in and we restock!”

So, we figured that it is to everyone’s benefit that we keep tabs on this shipping container, and let you see its progress from Zambia to our processing facility in Wyoming!

Note: If you missed the previous email updates, links are at the bottom of the page.

The container that is on its way is a standard shipping container, at 8ft wide and a whopping 40 ft long, it’s big enough to ship barrels and barrels of raw honey, essential oils, and palette after palette of pure Zambian beeswax.


It’s going to be a fascinating journey, with hopefully only a few bumps along the way, and we hope you’re excited to see it arrive, but also be able to follow it with us all the way from Africa. Stay tuned to get weekly progress reports, bonus updates and fun content, and even entry into a drawing for our limited release soap baskets! (For more details, see below)

Follow the shipping container over the next several weeks, and let us know if you have any questions or would like to hear more along the way!


Giveaway Details!

Until the shipment arrives, we are hosting a bi-weekly drawing for our limited release 2-bar soap baskets!

To enter this drawing, use the code ZAMBIA2023 on any purchase and we’ll select one random winner every two weeks. Every order = another entry!

If you use this code at any time, you will also be entered in the ARRIVAL DRAWING for a basket of all the freshly-delivered in-stock items!

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Ruth Gonzalez

Wow…great update! May I preorder the lemongrass soap?

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