The Beauty Industry isn't All About "Me"

When it comes to the beauty industry, we often focus on the benefits it brings to our own lives. We seek products that enhance our appearance, boost our confidence, and improve our overall well-being. But what effects does the beauty industry have on people around the world?

The beauty industry as it is today is involved in what has been called “modern day slavery” and has largely flown under the radar, even within circles that are concerned with human dignity and labor rights. The beauty industry is covering up exploitation, and it's time we shed light on this issue!

We consider beauty as improving our quality of life, making us feel better and look better, but through that are we damaging other individuals around the world? What about their dignity and empowerment?

Workers all throughout the supply chain and manufacturing, often located in developing countries, are subjected to long hours, low wages, and unsafe working conditions. They are the invisible hands that make our favorite beauty products, yet their voices are rarely heard.

How can we make a difference?

Consumers have an incredible power to influence the beauty industry for the sake of exploited workers. Here are a few ways we can make a difference:

  1. Choose ethical brands: Do your research and support brands that prioritize fair labor practices. Look for certifications and recommendations from fair trade organizations you trust. Be careful, though: When companies attach buzzwords onto their product descriptions, consumers get the overall idea that it is an ethical product, when sometimes additional research should be done. “Clean beauty” and “Organic” labels are a powerful marketing tool, and even where it’s claimed that toxic ingredients don’t play a part, worker exploitation still might. Do your research!
  2. Support transparency: Demand transparency from beauty brands. It's not hard to ask a brand to disclose a summary of their supply chain and manufacturing processes. Brands that have nothing to hide will be more than happy to share this information with their customers! Exploitation can be hidden in vague manufacturing statements.
  3. Vote with your wallet: Support brands that align with your values! By choosing to spend your money on ethical products, you are sending a powerful message to the industry. Even though it can feel insignificant sometimes, remember that you are not alone in the conscious living movement and that THIS is how change is made!
  4. Spread awareness: Use your voice to raise awareness about the exploitation happening in the beauty industry. Share information on social media, write to your favorite beauty brands, and engage in conversations about this issue. The more people know, the more pressure there will be for change. We at Zambeezi partner with many strong voices in the fair trade community, so be sure to watch for features and recommendations from us!


As Zambeezi tries to counter the harmful sides of the beauty industry on every front, we see the value of valuing people and refuse to sell out by taking the easy route. We are carefully involved in the supply chain and are passionate about raising consumer awareness! We work directly with farmers in Zambia, Africa, to make sure that everyone, from harvesting to shipping, is treated with dignity and is paid fairly. We don’t use harmful ingredients because we care about the people behind the products, and we care about the consumer. We wouldn’t use toxic chemicals or untrustworthy sourcing because we care about the health of all of our partners, in Zambia and in the Western market.

We want you to care about the people behind the products we use, and everything about Zambeezi as a brand will work toward this end; seeing people thriving. 

People Thriving: Making a Difference Through Our Purchases

By shifting our focus from self-interest to the impact our purchases have on others, we can empower lives and create positive change. Supporting brands that prioritize fair trade, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices ensures that the people involved in the production process are treated fairly.

It's time to redefine beauty as not just a means of self-improvement but also as a way to improve the lives of others. Let's be conscious consumers, making informed choices that align with our values and contribute to a more ethical and sustainable beauty industry. Let's uncover the exploitation that has gone largely unnoticed, and take steps to make a change!

Together, we can reshape the beauty industry and make a lasting impact on the lives of people around the world. It all starts with a simple question: How can my beauty choices positively influence the lives of others, and how can I support #peoplethriving?

 I like this quote from the people behind Beautyologie - a clean and conscious beauty company. It sums up the importance of considering the well being of others in every area, including the purchases we make. 

Brands that formulate with fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients go the extra step to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages are paid to farmers and workers. This is especially important for women—they do the majority of farm work worldwide but are often underpaid and under-represented.

Fair trade practices and transparent sourcing in the beauty industry will create social change in this world!”  - Beautyologie


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