Telling Visual Stories: Six Instagram Feeds We Really Enjoy

I love love photos. It's as simple as that.

They speak with such eloquence, each carrying their own unique voice as dictated by the imagination and circumstances of their author. Whether with a Polaroid, Digital SLR, iPhone, Olympus OM-1 or any other image capturing device, photos are stories that invite us into the world of the human behind the lens.

On our site and in our marketing, we try to regularly invite you into the world of Zambeezi with images that help tell our story. Each tube of lip balm has hands and hearts behind it, cultivating and developing. We want you to be able to enter in and experience these lives and landscapes alongside us! 

We aren't the only ones with this passion, though...

While Instagram has both invited us further into this visual narrative and also commercialized it to ad nauseam, there are those who are curating beautiful  photographic threads worth listening to with our eyes. Below, we have put together  six that we are really enjoying right now. 

Note, before you start diving in, I'd like to encourage you to take your time and really soak them in. It's so easy to just float through and not stop long enough to let an image speak. Believe me, I know! With advent of scrolling feeds, I find it so easy to just flick my finger up the screen, failing to truly enjoy what I am looking at. When you are captured by one of the images, pause for a few minutes to let the visual story sink in. Enjoy!


Sometimes you just have to dance! When you do, you want this photographer capturing you. He brings a playful exuberance to his street influenced style.

@buyikkoolo and @fullmoon256 traveling through Nairobi like!

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The bio says it perfectly: Photographers living and working in Africa, finding the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the familiar, the everyday.



"Encouraging trans-city movement and spatial exchanges through photography" - Yep! This one will invite you in and make you feel like your right there in the midst of the action.



Everyone on our team, except me (you have to have at least one city folk on the team!), is a farmer of of some sort. So, naturally, this one resonates with our ethos. More than that, these images are just beautiful!



I have no idea how we found this one, but boy are we glad we did! His minimalism is just breathtaking. Take some time to slow roll through his feed.



Be forewarned, your jaw will hit the floor. Seriously! Steve's work is simply breathtaking. So grab a cup of coffee, take a seat and prepare to mesmerized.

The bird lady, part two. //. #stantonscelebrate15 #parisbnw #fujixseries #visualstories

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And don't forget to enjoy our feed, too!


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