Suncare for Your Summer - Your Lips are in Danger, and Zambeezi can Help


Organic, Fair Trade Beeswax Lip Balm - Hydrating dry cracked lips

I don’t know what’s on your agenda this summer, but we at Zambeezi hope that time in the great outdoors makes up a significant part of it!

As much fun as it is to soak up the sunshine, whether you’re swimming, hiking, picnicking, or barbecuing - there are dangers inherent to time outside, especially in the summertime.

Unprotected and prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause sunburn, sun sickness, and damage to the immune system - so this summer, be sure to keep sun safety in mind!

Zambeezi Suncare is the perfect way to get your necessary vitamin D while still keeping your skin, and especially lips, safe! A natural beeswax solution with the equivalent of SPF 15, applying Suncare to your lips and face is a perfect way to keep those sensitive areas safe from the dangers of the sun.

Zambeezi Suncare helps you to fully enjoy the sun, without stressing about the possible harm!

In our Suncare balm, we combine natural and fair-trade ingredients that you love in other Zambeezi products with Zinc Oxide to protect you from UVA and UVB rays! Suncare is also naturally water-resistant because of our beeswax, so it will be more resilient against splashes and sweating.

Zambeezi Suncare is a great natural and ethical alternative to the harmful chemicals and business practices of other major companies.



Be sure to keep your eye out for a Zambeezi Sunstick coming soon! Suncare balm is perfect for protecting smaller areas, but we are currently developing a product that will be more functional for full coverage. If you would like to be the first notified about new products, make sure that you are signed up for our email list!

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