It's Earth Day! 6 Ways to use Zambeezi Beeswax (+ GIVEAWAY)

Zambian beeswax has as many uses as your creativity allows, and lately I’ve been noticing its unlimited uses for spring cleaning! If you're spending your Earth Day in the middle of spring cleaning, or are searching for ways to incorporate more green and fair-trade systems into your lifestyle, this article will be a great inspiration for some practical ways to start. 

In our last article we saw how to clean your home the fair trade way, so now we're getting a little more specific, and looking at how Zambian beeswax can help make our cleaning lives more ethical and sustainable

In honor of Earth Day, and also just because I love beeswax from Zambia, here are a few uses of Zambian Beeswax that I’ve found to be helpful.

If you can think of more ways to use it, or have found ways that it has been helpful in your home, please share! I am always excited to get more ideas for how to use this versatile product. 

If you use one of these tips for your spring cleaning this year, be sure to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #zambeeswax to show us what you did - we’ll be awarding one random spring cleaner who uses this hashtag TWO 1oz blocks AND one 2oz block of pure Zambian Beeswax. 


Without further ado, here are...

6 Ways to use Pure Zambeezi Beeswax (in Your Spring Cleaning, or otherwise!)


1. Polish Furniture

Zambian Beeswax is the perfect alternative to chemical-filled furniture polish. To make your wooden furniture look great with an ethical and natural shine, melt coconut oil and beeswax together and let it harden. Use a cloth to rub the polish and then the furniture for a beautiful sheen. Just be sure to only use it on wooden furniture!


2. Eliminate Waste

Like we talked about in How To Clean Your Home the Fair Trade Way, beeswax is vital to making the popular eco-friendly Wax Wraps as a switch-out for single use plastic wrap and even plastic baggies. Melt beeswax and brush it onto fabric of your choice, then let it dry to make a self-adhesive, easy to wash and reusable sealer. 


3. Preserve Tools

For an easy way to prevent rust on your metal hand tools, and protect them against use damage, rub a bar of beeswax over all the metal portions of your tools. Use a cloth afterward to remove any excess beeswax, and use your tools for longer! Beeswax guards against nicks and normal wear and tear, and also helps waterproof them to fight against rust. 


4. Clean Countertops

If you have a granite countertop, use beeswax to polish and fight stains on your counter. Ideal for spring cleaning, just use a cloth to rub beeswax onto dim or stained surfaces in your kitchen and bring a shine back to your countertops. Beeswax also has antibacterial qualities, so you’ll be fighting germs at the same time!


5. De-Squeak Hinges

To lubricate pesky cupboard hinges or squeaky furniture joints, rub beeswax onto them and remove excess with a cloth. Beeswax will stop squeaking and even help preserve your metal hinges for the long run.


6. Prep Grill and Oven

If you put effort into deep cleaning your grill and oven during spring cleaning this year, use beeswax to prevent having to redo your work so soon! When either your grill or oven is OFF and not fired up, use beeswax to coat the metal surfaces to prevent grease or food buildup and keep them clean for longer. Just note that beeswax does catch fire, so take away excess and be sure to prep the metal when the heat is off!


And that's just the beginning!


In this article, I barely scratched the surface of all the amazing ways to use Zambian Beeswax in your home during spring cleaning. Let us know of more ways that you have found to use pure beeswax while cleaning your home!

From crafting to cleaning, I use beeswax in almost every area of my life, and I’m sure that you will find many uses for it, too!


Have a great Earth Day!



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