👉 Give one. 🙌 Get One. 👈

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This Black Friday...

Give it away!

Whether it’s turkey dinner leftovers, or a few calories obtained, being in the company of family and friends, or new memories gained, Thanksgiving is the holiday that keeps on giving.  This year on Black Friday, we are giving back too, with the Give One Get One campaign.  It’s a deal so good, it will make your gobble wobble.

You give. We give.

Remember reading about the Children's Home that Kahona and the team are building in Mibila, Zambia If you haven't, go now! It’s projects like these that inspire and incite our passion, and it’s from the support of people like you that we can even tell this story. 

So, this Black Friday we are bring both together. For every 3-pack you give away, we are are going to give you a Zambeezi 3-pack . Yep, it's that easy! You give. We give.

How does this work?

Great question. Here are 9 easy steps:
1 - Picture a friend that is always losing lip balm. What a conundrum!
2 - Now picture giving that friend a 3-pack for their house, car, and work.  Look at the problems you’ve solved!
3 - Start by adding a 3-pack to your cart.
4 - We like that step.  Repeat step 3 again (add another 3-pack)
5 - Click on the shopping cart to check out.
6 - Apply the Discount code: GIVEONE
7 - Watch as one of your 3-packs changes to a FREE-pack!
8 - Repeat steps 1-6 (as many times as you would like).
9 - Finish checking out and wait with anticipation for your gifts.


Pretty simple, huh. Well, what are you waiting for?

Start Shopping

Ps. The sale ends on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018!


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