When I think of “People Thriving”, I think of my daughter

A story from our community

As a child, myself, I remember when my mom had to go to work.  Prior to the divorce, she had always stayed at home with her kids and had very little “marketable” skill.  She is brilliant, hardworking, a DIY goddess, lived her life in the service of others and has a singing voice like an angel.  Her divorce not only left her heart broken, but also scrambling to support 3 biological children and one foster child.

I wish this story was unique.  I wish her heartbreak and struggle for survival were that of fairy tale.  One in which we rarely hear and are always in awe of when we do.  Unfortunately, her story, my story, our story is so common place that culture hardly gives it notice anymore, unless shaming those affected. 

This memory brings me to my wonderful 12-year-old daughter.  Dyslexia was once considered a “learning disability”, but as neuro-science has shown more recently, it is actually a “learning difference”.  This can present itself in many ways…giving her life advantages; but also, disadvantages in the public education system.

She is such a fighter

To say that she has struggled with her education would be a gross understatement.  She is such a fighter, just like her grandma!  She amazes me everyday!!   

So, when I think of “People Thriving”, I think of her.  We are so lucky.  She has an opportunity to go to a school that specializes in her learning needs.  We are so lucky to have found a school that CAN teach her.  We are so lucky that it is accessible to her.  We are so lucky that she had a grandma that taught her to never give up in the face of challenge. 

I wish this was the story for all struggling parents. I wish more women who chose a single life, experienced that life with economic freedom and good schools for their children.  This is why Fair Trade is my absolute passion.  Supporting families and individuals who work hard to have that empowerment is critical to our world culture.  Good working conditions, living wage, giving back to their community….all Fair Trade cornerstones.  It isn’t a choice, it is a necessity! 

Kara Countryman is a passionate organic, fair trade lip balm and soap ambassador

Kara Countryman
Part of the Zambeezi family and passionate about
people, lip balm and fair trade!

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