People Thriving No. 2: Cassie Celestain

We say it all the time:

Partner with us, by using our lip balm, carrying it in your store, or connecting us with local retailers in your area. Together we’re creating a future.

It's only together, with you, that we do what we do. We are taking some time to feature you, our Zambeezi family. We want to give you a platform to share what #peoplethriving means to you!

Now, let's meet our next passionate Zambeezi advocate

Cassie Celestain

Cassie Celestain - Portraits of people thriving and loving clean, fair trade, ethically sourced, organic Zambeezi lip balm

Where is home? Tulsa, OK

Which Zambeezi flavor is your favorite? Lemongrass!!!

Which shoe do you tie first, right or left? Well... I am not sure. I am going to guess it's the right. In all honest though, I am one of those people that don't untie their shoes. I tie them the first time to make them fit well and leave them tied. It's a rarity if something happens that I need to retie them. I even do this with my running shoes.

Who has inspired you most in life (living, dead, personal or historical)? No one specific sticks out to me. I feel like I find inspiration in many people for various reasons throughout my day to day life. Sometimes it's the mom at the store who is so patient with her five kids while I am struggling with my two. Other times it's an instagrammer who is regularly authentic, but went even a little deeper that day to express her heart.

If you could pick a utensil in your kitchen to describe you, which would you pick? Why? Recently, I gained an immersion blender in my kitchen. What a difference it makes for the texture and taste of soups! In my opinion it makes the soup game a whole new world and creates a fantastic new experience. I think I am similar to that. We all have different experiences, hardships, knowledge and skill sets. We often see them as individual things (or ingredients) that create our life (the soup). I enjoy challenging myself to blend those things that make me me all together in a way that makes life just a little bit more exciting and enjoyable!

If animals could all of the sudden talk, which one would you want to interview first? I would interview the dog of my friend @TheMarisaMohi! Marisa has a sense of humor, works hard in her business and loves her dog greatly. It would be fun to see Rosie's (the dog) perspective of this life.

What are three books that you want all of your friends to read? 1) The Five Love Languages can be a huge game changer for relationships! Most struggles in relationships stem from not knowing their partner's Love Language and not knowing how to speak it.
2) The Slight Edge was one of my first personal development books. It's an easy read with stories that keep you turning the pages. There are some simple personal development principals in it that can really make a huge difference in our lives.
3) Can my own children's book be on the list?! I think all my friends should read it to their kids or kids they know! Running is Totally for Me is about a little girl who tries out different sports before she decides running is her favorite. It's all about helping kids explore and find something they enjoy to be active whether it is running or something else.

When you think of #peoplethriving, who is the first person that comes to mind? When I think of #peoplethriving I think of the beekeepers of Zambia first. I hadn't ever really thought much about the concept of people thriving in the way that Zambeezi's mission is about until looking more into the Zambeezi's brand. Now when I think of #peoplethriving there are a few businesses that come to mind that I know of that work in a manner closely to Zambeezi's mission of supporting people to thrive in a way they might not ever been able to otherwise. 

What does “thriving” look like in your life? "Thriving" in my life sometimes looks like impacting people through my businesses and other times thriving looks like self-care after a long day as a mom to a 5 year old and two year old. To me thriving is this amazing dance of taking care of myself so that I can give more fully and joyfully to others. 

Why do you love Zambeezi? I love that Zambeezi is created from safe products that my whole family can enjoy! What is not to love about the way they work with people and communities to create bigger impact?! And probably the least important thing, yet one thing I love about Zambeezi is that it comes in an oval tube!

PS: Cassie recently put together a super fun story about crafting an "Open When" gift of boxes for her little sister: 

Have you seen those open when letters? You make them for your significant other for them to open during certain times or when they are feeling a certain way. My little (not so little anymore) sister is graduating high school in a few weeks. She will be headed off to college in the Fall! I was trying to decide what I wanted to get her for her graduation gift. Then I decided it would be nice to have something that she can take with her to college that will remind her of home or something she can use when she is sick. That’s when I decided to make her some open when boxes for college students.

Keep reading on her blog...

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