Buy One, Give One

Ah, the late Fall. This time of year has so much potential to strengthen family bonds, encourage community building, and be filled with cozy memories. There are so many opportunities in this upcoming season!

However, as happy as times like this are, these often get overshadowed in the selfishness and greed that this season can bring to the forefront as we navigate Black Friday deals, mountains of Thanksgiving food, and the beginnings of our Christmas lists. If we go into these months on an emotional sugar high (maybe from our Halloween candy) we have to be sure that selfishness doesn’t push its way to the top of our priorities!

Zambeezi has always been about giving and community. As we approach the hectic holiday season, we want to help all of us refocus and introduce something new into our holiday planning. You’ve heard of lots of upcoming Black Friday sales, so as we do a sale we wanted to try something different.

Instead of buy one get one, this year we are having a buy one GIVE one sale! (That way we can keep the acronym). Purchase either of our variety 4-packs with your order and get a free 4-pack. In order for this code to be effective, you must have both 4-packs in your cart. Then, apply the discount, and let the giving begin!

Give your free lip balm to someone special or as a random act of kindness, and then show us any unique ways you gifted your balm by using the hashtag #ZamBOGO and #peoplethriving. The sale will run from Nov. 3 to Cyber Monday and we can’t wait to see the creative ways you find to share the lip balm love! Use the code GIVE4 to receive a free 4pack of your choice along with your order that’s meant to give away!

Protect generosity with us this season and remember to smell good, look good, and love well.

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