Vincent Chianda & the Business of Beekeeping

#PeopleThriving - Simply put, this is our mission and passion as a brand. From the beekeepers we partner with to you, our customers, we endeavor to create products that cultivate flourishing.

In Zambia, we partner with the North-Western Beekeeper's Association, a network of over 1000 beekeepers in the North-Western Province. The entrepreneurial spirit of this community inspires us. Since the inception of our partnership, they have more than quadrupled their annual per household incomes, creating more opportunities for their families and communities.

If you are anything like us, it’s hard at times to relate to statistics and numbers. Personalizing the data can bring it to life. On one of our recent visits to Zambia, we had the privilege of meeting with a few of the beekeepers with whom we partner, including Vincent Chianda. Listen and watch as he shares his story and the impact of Beekeeping on his life.

Vincent with his mentor beekeeper Cedrick before they begin harvesting organic, fair trade honey and beeswax

Vincent swapping beehive concepts with André.

Vincent showing us one of his organic, fair trade honey and beeswax crops at his house.

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