I would like to introduce you to Brownd (Kahona) Kalenda, his wife, and family. Since 2005, Kahona has been a key figure in the supply of our organic Zambian products, spending many hours collecting products and filing paperwork necessary to certify the true organic origins of the ingredients in our lip balm.

Kahona’s passion is to help people. It is the widows and orphans that have a special place in his heart. He and his wife have adopted two orphan boys into their family, and his dream has always been to build and open an orphanage on a small plot of land in the Mibila Village area. We have partnered with Kahona to help make this dream a reality.

Why not partner with us to raise funds for the future of dozens of orphans who will benefit from The Mibila Orphanage? Please contact us at info@sambahnaturals.com for more information on how you can help.

As of May 2017, we have collected funds to purchase the materials for the initial stage of construction for the first dorm building of The Mibila Children’s Home. We have scheduled the ground-breaking for next month and we look forward to sharing photos and stories of the progress with you soon.

Kahona, his wife, and three of his boys